by Jebus

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released November 1, 2015

All music written and performed by Danny Cardiff

All music tracked, mixed, and mastered by Dan Tinkler



all rights reserved


Jebus Illinois

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Track Name: I Don't Fuck With Junkies
Oh my god you look like shit
skinny, scared, and unpleasant
tongue is tied to tight to speak
the mountain of dust is settling
the sun is burning out
you are burning out

I wonder why everyone left? I wonder why
well, I wonder why?
I wonder why everyone left?
I wonder why I haven't yet

All of your money is spent
All of your time is spent
drinking, wheezing, breathing in
all your self degrading shit
Track Name: Drunken Life (Dreamy Death)
I've been watching Bruce Lee movies alone staring down at my cellphone
waiting for my calling
waiting for someone to call me
I saved Princess Zelda tonight
Entered the 36 Chambers for the 37th time
everything is weird since I quit getting high
everything is weird since you quit stopping by

Lately I've been bummin' around I'm sorry if I'm bummin' you out
Tomorrow I'll turn myself around but tonight the lights are burning out

Coffee and cartoons to massacre the afternoon
waiting for an angle to arrive with answers along my bedside

I blend into this bedroom like tears in a storm
I don't know what to say to any of my friends anymore
Even days without rain I'm still under the clouds
One day dream away from figuring all this out
I completely forgot how to not give a fuck now I'm stuck on this blank page I hate so much
Track Name: See Ya Never
Watching friends pass through me as often ass I breath in through my nose and out through my mouth thinking of my life and the people missing We'll grow like mold in the sink
our stories remain unfolding until the day we meet again I guess I'll just keep waiting patiently

A group of friends looking back
crooked smiles, a few good laughs
here's to the last ten or so years
to starting fresh beginning again
as the train pulls away we will wave standing in the rain
you will be missed but we will move on
is it my turn now everyone else is gone?
maybe I'll see ya later
maybe I'll see ya never
Track Name: Today Isn't Trash
If I could feel half as good as you look I'd have to be in heaven
Like the cure for cancers the world never thought could exist
I think I found it
Like an angle in the arms of the devil
what life is left in the eyes of death
depression is exiting the building not forever but for the summer at least
if I could feel half as good as you look I'd be desperately dreaming
I'd have to be in heaven
this has to be heaven
I don't believe in heaven but this has to be